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  • Micronutrient Panel
  • 3-Month Custom Vitamin Rx
  • Functional Medicine Consultation
  • Personalized Nutrition Protocol

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  • Premium Program Plus
  • Advanced Nutritional Panel
  • Comprehensive Gut Function Testing
  • The Ultimate Detox and Hemp Oil

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  • Micronutrient Panel
  • Adrenal & Hormone Testing
  • GI Pathogen & Food Sensitivities Panel
  • Personalized Protocol & Consultations

I met Dr Nicole James 5 years ago when I was dealing with Post Menopausal symptoms. She did extensive hormone testing from a blood draw and I was amazed at the details I received! She lead me to ways to resolve the symptoms and since then she has helped me to optimize my overall health. Dr. Nicole James is extremely knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone struggling to find options for better health!

Sara Hahn - Sturgeon Bay Wi

I met Nicole first as a friend at a healing retreat and knew her for a little over a year. She presents herself as a very caring and involved individual. In October of 2018, medical imbalances made themselves evident in my body and I was unsure and frightened of the prospect of potentially life-threatening circumstances that I had put myself in. I’ve always had fairly poor experiences with medical professionals and specifically their lack of attentiveness and willingness to listen and process concerns. I contacted Nicole over the lunch hour and shared my concerns with recent events and her reaction was by far the best I’ve received from any “doctor”. She listened intently, asked clarifying questions, gave me more recommendations than I could have hoped for and devised a self treatment plan to get my body back in balance with Nature. Several months of fervently following her advise and taking foods and vitamins, I was given a clean bill of health by my primary care provider, which came as a shock to both of us. My family and I are forever grateful for her friendship and expertise and would highly recommend her services without reservation. Thank you so much for your help and caring personality.

Aaron Thorpe - Denver, CO

I have been working with Nicole for over 5 years. I initially came to Nicole when I was diagnosed with both POTS and Lyme Disease. I had seen several doctors and while they could diagnose me and prescribe me medications to help the symptoms, none were actually helping me get to the source of the problem. Once I came to Nicole, I was able to start looking at the body as a whole. While I still have to manage a condition, being able to optimize every part of my body that I have control over, has helped me to function far better than before. Nicole is more knowledgable than anyone I have seen in the industry and she also takes a very educational approach when reviewing blood work with the patient so that the patient is able to learn why they will be making certain changes in diet and supplementation. Working with Nicole is a worthwhile investment in health and I continuously recommend her to friends and family. Had I not come to Nicole 5 years ago, I would definitely not be where I am today.

Tori Foles - Jacksonville, FL



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